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Having Fun in Banff National Park, Canada

· Lila Walter,Travel,Banff National Park,Vacation
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There is a lot going on in Canada, aside from the tourist towns of Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec, and Vancouver. There are a number of beautiful places to explore, such as Banff and Lake Louise in Banff National Park. Established in the 1880s, it is the oldest national park in Canada. The park honors its history with several sacred places from the indigenous peoples who were there long before the land became part of Canada’s park system. It’s hard not to take a moment to take in the serene beauty around you, from the turquoise water to the peak of Mount Rundle. There is a lot to do in Banff National Park, including checking out the town of Banff and Lake Louise. Both are resort areas within the park that offer a number of activities for those who like the outdoors, such as hiking, canoeing, biking or just taking a walk around Lake Louise. You can even take wildlife tours. If you are going to this park, here are a few things you must see and do.

Banff — Banff Avenue offers a great mix of stores and restaurants, from Eddie Burger + Bar to the year-round Christmas store. You’ll find great outdoor gear, native gifts, artwork, jewelry and more. It’s a fun break from outdoor activities.

Banff Sightseeing Chairlift — If you’re not afraid of heights, this is an awesome way to see Banff and Bow Valley. It takes you up 7,000 feet over a bear habitat. At the top, you can get something to eat and drink. In addition to bear, there are also bighorn sheep. The ride is less than ten minutes, but the views are unbelievable!

Banff Sightseeing Gondola — This also provides great views, but you’re in a gondola cabin. It takes up you up Sulphur Mountain to the summit where there are restaurants, an observation deck, and interactive exhibits. You can also take a sightseeing gondola tour of Lake Louise.

Lake Agnes Tea House — The tea house is on Lake Agnes, named after Lady Agnes MacDonald, the wife of Canada’s first prime minister. You can only reach this place by trail as it was built as a refuge for hikers by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1901. Four years later, teas were served along with homemade baked items. It’s a great reward after a long hike!

The Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise — We had dinner here and it was amazing! The menu is a mixture of Western Canadian and Swiss cuisine. What’s interesting is that the restaurant does not serve fish that are endangered. Don’t forget about dessert!

Originally published at on August 20, 2019.